The Top 10 Lists Of Business Ideas

By | June 11, 2014

list of business ideas

You’re convinced that an online or at home business is the right move for you.

You’ve dug deep into your skills and what interests you.

You know you need a unique selling proposition.

But now you’ve hit another problem. You don’t have a clue what you want to do.

You’ve no ideas. You’ve thought about it so much you’re exhausted.

You wish you could be like one of those people who turn a lifelong hobby into a business.  Or get struck by inspiration one day at the grocery store.

But it’s not happening.  And without an idea your online business and dreams for the future are going nowhere.

When Nothing Is New

The problem is you are trying to create a totally new concept.  But in this world there is little that hasn’t been done before.

Should you delay your dreams of starting a business until you are struck by inspiration?  No, of course not.

What’s The Solution?

Find the idea first, then customize it.

While it’s true that you need to put your own unique spin on your online business, some of the best businesses have been inspired other people’s ideas. Reading ideas lists can spark a fabulous concept for your own business.

So I’ve compiled my top 10 list of online and at home business ideas (and the reasons why I love them) to inspire you.

10 Great Lists of Business Ideas

1. Top 10 Internet Business Ideas

Spark Plug’s list of top 10 business ideas, with some honest advice to help you succeed. I really like the links to the learning resources.

2. 55 Home-Based Business Ideas

Entrepreneur’s list of 55 home-based business ideas. Includes information on training and ideas to expand your business. Opportunities are categorized by start-up budgets from $1500 to $5000.

3. Startup Business Ideas

UK based site Startup’s list of 14 of the best business to start in 2014, with detailed guides for each business opportunity. As an added bonus the site is teeming with ideas, success stories, and practical advice on everything you need to make your new business a success.

4. 10 Ideas For Online Businesses

Fabulous guide from Mallee Blue Media includes: how to make money, the pros and cons of each business, and the skills you’ll need.  This guide leaves nothing out. My favorite is real-life examples of entrepreneurs who have made each opportunity work for them.

5. 107 Home Business Ideas

Home Bizz Guide’s huge list of 107 business ideas sorted by industry. You are sure to find something that sparks your imagination.

6. 50 Businesses You Can Start Right Now

Business Insider’s list of easy to start and low cost businesses.

7.  50 Side Businesses

50 ideas for those who want to start a side-business from home.  This guide advises you on the practical concerns of running a business from home, such as telling your boss and your insurance provider.

8. 75+ Home Business Ideas

List of over 75 business ideas from the authority site About, with links to further resources for each opportunity including: the pros and cons of each idea, success stories, and most importantly a guide to what you can earn with these opportunities.

9. 99 Work At Home Business Ideas

Bumper list of 99 home business ideas.  Great site for all the information you could possibly need for your online business, such as freelance job boards and a friendly and supportive forum.

10. 6 Home Business You Can Start With No Money 

Another list from the Work At Home Woman.  This time 6 ideas for those who need to make money fast.

How To Make Your Business Stand Out

I recommend that you read through these lists and investigate the ideas that appeal to you most.  Learn more about these opportunities from the links in the sites.

Consider how you can use your skills, experience, and other resources to make the idea unique.  How can you stand out?

For example, Copyblogger brought copywriting techniques and blogging together to help readers market their blogs.

Amber Duisick, a parenting blogger featured in Malleable’s 10 Ideas for Online Businesses, leveraged what some would consider a weakness. After observing that most parenting blogs were filled with slick images, she made her site stand out by doing the opposite – illustrating her posts with doodles.  The name of her blog – Crappy Pictures.

So you don’t need to create a totally new concept.  Just do one thing differently to make your site memorable.

What do you think?  What’s different about your business?  Share your comments below.

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